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Cash Flow Planning

Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

Do you want to be in control of your money and have financial freedom?

We are very excited about a new Cash Flow Planning tool we are using because we have seen such amazing results!

When most people think about cash flow and managing money they tend to think of the word "budgeting" and focusing on how to get out of debt. At Beck Financial Solutions Inc., we dislike that word because it has negative feelings attached to it. Cash Flow is all about being in control and having financial freedom!

Budget vs Cash Flow Plan


  • Feels restrictive. Focuses on what we can't have, what we must give up.
  • Great for projects - works well with costs that have a beginning and an end.
  • Great for home renovations, vacations and other annual or irregular expenses.
  • Not behavioural. Default behaviour (pulling out the credit card) can destroy the budget in a moment).

Cash Flow Plan

  • Feelings of being in control, of financial freedom. Focuses on what we can have!
  • Ideal for day-to-day spending - groceries, eating out, activities, etc.
  • Great for making investments in training or sales and marketing for a business.
  • Very behavioural. Default behaviour means you're on track.

A leading cause of why people do not grow wealth for themselves is they are slaves to budgeting and paying off debt. Learn not only how to get out of debt but to save money and create wealth with a cash flow plan!

Case Studies

Cash Flow planning works in all stages of life. Look at the case studies below:

Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

Young Couple

It might seem easy to find money later in life when your kids are out of diapers and you've got some seniority in your pay cheque. But what about when you are a young couple with young kids?

View Case Study # 1

Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

Single Individual

As you can imagine, working with a single income is more challenging unless the income is quite large. This does not mean a cash flow plan cannot work for a single client.

View Case Study # 2

Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

Retired Couple

We understand the word "retirement" can be scary for some. The stress of living off assets creates a whole new need for a better plan. We can help maximize your hard earned savings.

View Case Study # 3

Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

Couple With No Debt

Cash flow planning also finds big money for debt free people. It can help determine a realistic retirement income, how much you should invest, and ensuring you can afford your travel plans!

View Case Study # 4

How It Works

Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

Give us a call at (416) 605-8101 to discuss your cash flow needs and to book an initial meeting.

Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

We ask you to fill out this document, which gives us the information we need to understand your current cash flow process. When complete you can print it to bring to our first meeting.

Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

We use our Cash Flow Planning calculators to come up with an initial strategy for you, and book an appointment to discuss the strategy.

Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

We help you implement the final plan and change your life!

Call us at (416) 605-8101 to get started.